bastrenKL- KL's first integrated public transport map!
dec 07

Announcing the release of bastrenKL, Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley’s first ever to-scale integrated public transport map guide, availbe for only RM5! If you have already bought or received your copy of bastrenKL, get the latest public ransport updates here and see our list of (oops!) errata.

Kul Lumpur Transit Information interest group web portal

This was a test site for information related to KL public transport as well as an experimental interest group site.
KTM Komuter station maps

30 of these Klang Valley-wide public transport route maps were commissioned by and delivered to Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM)'s Komuter department to be installed in stations. They were based on an initial design for bus stop maps, as commissioned by City Hall's Urban Transport Department.

'Peta Tren & Bas Kuala Lumpur' print map
The first project commissioned by KL City Hall's Urban Transport department. this 8-page 'Peta Tren & Bas Kuala Lumpur' booklet featured to-scale train and bus routes plying through Kuala Lumpur city centre.
Public transport GIS database
2005 - 2008
This Geographic Information System (GIS) database crucially informed the end result maps which we produced. It has data on all the various train and bus routes available in the Klang Valley, including roads and landmarks traveresed.
Introducing new schematic maps for free download!
jan 09

Yes, I admit that the bus routes in bastrenKL were not that easy to follow. That's why I've finetuned the idea and have now come out with a prototype version of bus route schematics, inspired by those in London. This type of map is location-dependent, taking a particular town centre and depicting the bus routes that ply through it. Accordingly, I've chosen KL Sentral to do this but given the high number of routes going through there, I'm depicting just the Bandar and Tempatan routes, as well as all those Utama routes that go through southern Klang Valley (i.e. U60 to U69). Click here to download the KL Sentral Bandar, Tempatan and southern Utama bus routes schematic PDF for free.
Please note that the information here is not guaranteed to be the latest and up-to-date. Please also note that this map is not officially endorsed by RapidKL.
If you do still like it however, do email RapidKL and ask them to commission vectordesigns to design more schematics like these for other routes and town centres. Thanks! :-)