The layout and design as well as printing of this 76-page handbook on gender awareness were  commissioned by Amnesty International Malaysia

Initially designed for AI's global headquarters, it is a training handbook comprising 3 modules, each with several interesting activities and games with the aim of enhancing the participants understanding on gender awareness . Vectordesigns laid the handbook out again with its text in Bahasa Malaysia, also adding localized images and graphics to give it a more Malaysian feel.

The handbook was launched by Josef Roy Benedict, Executive Director of AI Malaysia, in Shah's Village Hotel, Petaling Jaya on March 3rd, 2007, and subsequently distributed to various civil society organizations as a stimulus to greater gender awareness training. Among the present included Sonia Randhawa of Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ), Madam Tay from Women's Development Collective (WDC), Fuziah Salleh from the women's wing of the People's Justice Party, as well as representatives of other organizations.



 Amnesty International's 'Menjayakan Hak kepada Kenyataan 
 - Bengkel Kesedaran Gender' Primer