Dec 07




Reports in ze media:

The Star Newspaper Metro section, Tuesday 1 January 2008
"COMMUTERS in Kuala Lumpur will be glad to know that an integrated public transport map that brings together comprehensive information from nearly all operators of trains and buses is now available...."

New Straits Times Streets section, 29 January 2008
"THERE’S a new publication that, for the first time in the Klang Valley, integrates all public transportation information — urban rail and bus information — into one map guide. Surely a boon for those who use public transport..."

"With as low as RM5, you could get this map that can bring you almost anywhere in KL, with direction and information on public transport such as RAPID buses, All kind of Light Rail Transit(LRT), and even Metro Bus and Selangor Bus..."

Skyscrapercity forum
"Check out this handy map of KL & Klang Valley public transport - BasTrenKL.....only RM5..."

"Buy one of the excellent new bus guides booklets. It's a bright yellow booklet called BasTren KL available at all bookstores for 5Rm. Website vectordesigns.org. It has real road maps with the bus routes clearly marked on, (instead of those confusing Picasso like schematic maps from Rapid KL). It really is excellent. Good on Burger King for Sponsoring it."

Agoda.com customer review
"Public transportation map "BasTrenKL" is very useful! Only RM5 available in major book stores."